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Here you’ll find all the most frequently asked questions about Paid Media and how TJL Digital can help to support your business needs.

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Can I access my ad accounts?

Definitely. If the account is created by TJL Digital, you will be given login details with full admin rights and, should you choose to stop working with TJL Digital, the account will be yours to keep.

Is reporting included?

Yes. All clients will receive a monthly report. Clients with a larger spend will be entitled to more frequent reporting. This could be a daily performance tracker with run rate, weekly breakdowns as well as other options.

Is there a contract to sign?

Yes. TJL Digital will send over a client agreement prior to any marketing activity taking place. The client agreement explains what we will do for your business, but also what we will need from you in order to deliver the best work that we can.

How does payment work?

TJL Digital management fee invoices will be sent at the end of the month worked and payment is due within 30 days. Media spend (ad platform media fees)  will be paid by the client directly to Google/Facebook/Bing etc. using their in-platform payment systems. Please note, due to the work required in setting up accounts and tracking, the first monthly invoice is typically more expensive than subsequent months. This will be explained in detail at the start of our working relationship, prior to any work beginning.

How will I know if my ads are performing well?

TJL Digital will only run marketing activity once conversion tracking is in place. This means performance is measurable and we are accountable for it. Conversion tracking allows you to see exactly which ads, keywords, campaigns etc. are producing valuable results for your business.

How much should I spend on ads?

This is dependant on your marketing budget and how competitive the industry your business operates in (high competition typically means more costly ad clicks).

However, it is important to look at your ad spend in relation to return-on-investment (ROI).

For example, let’s use the following scenario:

  • Your product sells for £300
  • Your product costs you £100 to acquire/produce/ship etc.
  • Last month you made 10 sales from online ads
  • You spent £800 to generate these 10 sales

Your ROI from online advertising would be 66%

£3,000 revenue – (£1,000 business costs + £800 ad costs) /  (£1,000 business costs + £800 ad costs)

Using your ROI target, TJL Digital  can work with you to find the appropriate cost per acquisition to optimise towards to ensure profitability for your online marketing.

How long does it take to get good results?

Although we try to make your campaigns a success from the very start, sometimes it’s not quite that simple. It can occasionally take a number of weeks to build enough reporting data within the ad platforms to make meaningful optimisations to your campaigns.

Unfortunately, sometimes Google’s keyword planning and forecasting tool generates estimated performance data that, for whatever reason, seems to be based on an alternate reality and ultimately feels misleading. Whenever this is the case TJL Digital will be more than happy to communicate any difficulties and aim to resolve them as quickly as possible.

How does conversion tracking work?

Conversion tracking allows us to monitor the performance of marketing campaigns and optimise based on this performance data. Each ad platform has its own snippet of code (commonly called a tag) that you place on your website. There are various ways this can be set up:

  • If you have a web developer they can easily add these to your website for you, either manually or through a tag manager (for example Google Tag Manager).
  • If you have Google Tag Manager (GTM) installed on your website you can provide TJL Digital access to your account and we can set up the conversion tracking for you.
  • If you do not have GTM set up but would like to use it going forward and your website is built on the WordPress platform, you can provide TJL Digital access to your WordPress account and we can install a GTM plugin to set up GTM on your website.

Please note, it is also advisable to have Google Analytics in place on your website. It is a free and invaluable website performance analysis tool and can be used to provide data and insights relating to your online marketing. If you do not have Google Analytics set up, but built your website on the WordPress platform, TJL Digital can set up Google Analytics for you.

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